Saturday, October 13, 2012

Slingshotting around the Sun

As any visitors may note, I update this thing once in a Blue Moon. That is to say, I go on my random webcomic kick when I'm not working, playing videogames or binge reading, and this doesn't happen as often as it probably should for me to actually post anything with any case of regularity.
Case in point, I started the previous review of Misfile nearly three months ago, and I haven't worked on it untill today when I sat down and wrote the rest of it.

This is my schedule, Piro has nothing on this shit.

Anyway, on to bone picking flavor of the day. And today that flavor is Girls with Slingshots

This is one of those slightly awkward comics for me to really rip into. Because really, that's probably my entire overall experience with this comic. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward? You don't say. You can't decide if you're doing wacky, or you're doing slice of life, or you're doing a sex comic... Ok?... I suppose there could be worse offenders (Hello ElGoonish Shive) but in all honesty? Awkward. Bland.

Which is a pity because the art is better than most, the style grows over time, and to be fair it's not an unnatractive style. Art-wise there is nothing particularly wrong with the comic per-se however you're left with that general feeling that you have an uneaten pizza downstairs in the kitchen, and you should probably go eat it. Sorry, got a little bit off-topic there. You're left with the feeling that the artist really isn't pushing themselves. They have a solid understanding, and that's about where it ends. Honestly, the art style that the comic is in currently is no better than what it began with, and that's in itself somewhat depressing.

It has the soapbox as many slice of life comics do, but seriously lacks the charm or progression of say, Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break, and even Devil's Panties Shows more artistic improvement.

Plotwise, it's a goddamn soapbox, with poorly rationalized characters, and it completely does not work as a slice of life comic, because of the frankly one-dimentional characters. Congratulations, your main character's main characteristic is that she hasn't been laid. Or the fetish-store worker/domme secretely wants to be a librarian.

The whole thing feels very juvenile. Really, this is how you imagine adults are when you are 16 and "edgy."

Oh well.


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