Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Misfiled Review

Haha get it? I'm going to be talking about Misfile today.

Misfile and I have a bit of an odd relationship. It's a comic I actually read, and it's firmly labeled under my category of guilty pleasure. The cliffnotes version of the plot is as follows: due to a mishap in heaven, a stoner angel gets booted out, because of his mishap a person loses two years of their life and an antisocial racing nerd gets turned into a girl. Hijinks ensue.

Hijins ensue indeed. I sort of lost track of the plot sometime around the time that the entire thing started turning into a very awkward relationship comic and not so much about the whole car racing thing.

Problems with the comic are as follows; the art hasn't visibly improved since, oh I don't know, the damn thing started. Yes, style, and all that. But you're seriously pulling a Dobson. The plot also went into some severely nonsensical territory which just makes it sort of... Yeah. I don't even know how to describe it, aside from referencing Megatokyo and leaving that at that. Shounen-izing your plot is good and all, but please have something to back it up, especially when you don't write that part very well.

Overall, it's a pity. The author from what I know of them, does appreciate cars, and nerds out about a few things that I nerd out. We had this thing going on, (at risk of me sounding like Mabel of Gravity Falls.) I would have given it a pass.

Except I don't.

Your art is terrible, and your writing is worse. Deal. With. It.

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