Monday, May 14, 2012

Scandinavia... Hetalia.

You (the creator) are a terrible potentially racist piece of shit that overuses the >< emoticon like it's the fucking 90s, you worship at the altar of line smoothing and selective stereotypes.

Congratulations, you are Hetalia. But worse. And you know what? I'll give Hetalia a pass a little bit more because it's drawn by some Japanese dude. History is sort of fucked up in Japan, and they have this national pride thing going where they actively deny bits of history and are nationalistic about it. That's fine, that's their schtick. The author of Hetalia might have no clue what the fuck he's writing about. He gets to be ignorant, I get to annoy Hetalia fans at anime cons by ripping them new historical assholes during a panel. We both win.

This is however completely irredeemable. The creator isn't just ignorant, but is willfully ignorant with a side of having his head stuck up so far up his own ass that he can't even see his own colon anymore.

I tried to read through this. I really tried. My brain hurt. Because you write. The same. Three. Jokes. Over. And. Over. Again. This could have been over in 20 pages. Hell, it would have worked in 20 pages. It might have been funny in 20 pages. But you decided to drag it out. So Fuck. You.

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  1. I don't think I want to read this, but I might have met the writer on FB. Is she a rape happy misogynist? Does she blame all Sweden's woes on the left wing establishment and Somali immigrants? Has she included any climate science denial dogwhistles?